Certified Innovation Manager
Technische Akademie Wuppertal
Certified Professional for Usability&UX – User Requirements Engineering (CPUX-UR)
UXQB – Usability & User Experience Qualification Board e.V.
Certified Professional for Usability&UX – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)
UXQB – Usability & User Experience Qualification Board e.V.
Certificate "Professional teaching competence for the university" – Module I & II
Hochschuldidaktik NRW

Module I – Basics

  • Workshop “Teach and learn I”
  • Workshop “Teach and learn II”
  • Workshop “Advising and accompanying students”
  • Workshop “Using diversity – heterogeneity in teaching “
  • Workshop “Questionnaire development for evaluation and feedback”
  • Written documentation and reflection of the training process 

Module II – Advanced

  • Workshop “Teaching writing in science and technology”
  • Workshop “Activating teaching with method”
  • Workshop “Useful shortcuts – culturally sensitive teaching and consulting”
  • Workshop “Self- and time management”
  • Workshop “Communicative management and development of groups”